The London property market is ever-changing; you never know from one day to the next which borough is in, and which is out. This changing landscape makes property investment in London quite a tricky matter, but if you have a good inkling of how the landscape is changing, you could certainly benefit from a good investment indeed. Whether you take pride in being a seasoned property investor or it’s your first time investing in London property hoping to make a good profit, here’s a list of the top property investment places in London for 2019.

  • Camden

Camden is the kind of borough which can help you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say – it’s perfect as a bustling and vibrant location with its bevy of restaurants and venues, but it also offers serenity with Regent’s Canal and Regent’s Park. The beauty of Camden is its popularity as a spot for students, and tenant occupancy is at a high level as well.

  • Forest Gate

Forest Gate, located just outside the town of Stratford, offers a peaceful and relaxed vibe where many people could live, and it offers easy and convenient transport hubs to nearby locations with more amenities and entertainment offerings such as Westfields. And here’s another thing: Crossrail is said to open this year, so the prices of property are guaranteed to rise in the near future. This is the right time to invest in Forest Gate if you want your investment to yield a good profit.

  • Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury’s location bodes well for the place – it is, after all, just a few minutes away from Tottenham Court Road. The area is a hotbed of students, and it’s also a popular place with many tourists since it is effortless to get from Bloomsbury to various attractions in Central London, including parks and other tourist hotspots.

  • Acton Central

Acton Central in West London has a lot in store for any property investor, as its ambience of Victorian-era terraced homes is a big draw, and it offers something brilliant in terms of its community spirit. It is also near the centre of London. But apart from this, Acton Central is also great in terms of business due to its proximity to Shepherd’s Bush. Crossrail is set to open in Acton Central this year, which makes the area even more accessible to airports such as Gatwick and to Central London.

  • Walthamstow

Walthamstow has always been a popular and well-loved area in the east of London, and for good reason. It stands out due to its affordability and the perks it offers to many of its residents. Walthamstow not only has the Victoria Line station (which, as you may already know, operates 24 hours a day), but it also has a busy and lively town centre where residents can easily find everything they need. The area’s popularity is guaranteed to rise in the coming years, so now is the best time to make an investment.

Needless to say, there are other boroughs in London which have a lot of potential. If you want to find out more about London and where to invest your hard-earned money, it’s best to turn to the experts such as Gerald Eve, which even has its own Gerald Eve’s London Knowledge page that features all the best investment and property news and updates in this great city.

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